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Situé Pays-Bas.

The Flying Dutchmen store opened her doors in 1998, retailing top quality cannabis genetics ever since. Before opening a retail outlet, Eddie (the founder of TFD) had been working behind the scenes with this beautiful plant for many years. What started 35 years ago as research for personal knowledge blossomed into a professional, genetics wholesale business by 1984.

Eddie worked directly with the Skunkman who had come over from the States, bringing with him many landrace and pure breeding strains, including the very first Skunk#1. Together they introduced many new hybrids during the early 80's.

In order to find exceptional parental stock, tens of thousands of each strain were grown out in greenhouses, the best were selected and maintained. These best plants were inbred until the strain was considered stable or pure breeding. Crosses between two stable varieties are known as F1 hybrids.

Most of our stock consist of F1 hybrids with some notable exceptions. The Original Skunk#1 (a.k.a The Pure) and the Original Haze are stable true breeding hybrids, Pineapple Punch (The Real McCoy x Skunk#1) is a F1 hybrid backcrossed with its father.

All our strains are organically grown under exacting conditions to ensure genetic uniformity. Germination tests are carried out every three months to ensure a germination rate of 90%-100%. Yields are subject to the conditions under which our products are grown.

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The Flying Dutchmen de semences est repertorie comme «vert» au SeedFinder. Cela signifie que nous ne pouvons absolument recommander cette banque de semences. Btw... Cette societe est inscrite en tant que eleveur de l'SeedFinder...

Direct from the breeder. Same shop like Sensi Seeds (because its a trademark of Sensi Seeds)! They only offer seeds by: Flying Dutchmen, Sensi Seeds, White Label, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, Serious Seeds und High Quality Seeds.

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Pas de réponse, Novembre 2014

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10 northern light seeds did not germinate. E-mailed them and they duly sent 10 more. These did not germinate either. I was told nothing wrong with seeds and offered 25% off next order! Make your own minds up but bloody expensive for dud seeds.


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