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Dutch Passion

Paiement par: Versements bancaires, Argent, Bitcoins
Situé aux Pays-Bas.

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  • La qualite du produit: 5.20 5.20
  • Vitesse de livraison: 6.74 6.74
  • Service a la clientele: 3.62 3.62
  • Impression Generale: 5.18 5.18
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Dutch Passion de semences est repertorie comme «vert» au SeedFinder. Cela signifie que nous ne pouvons absolument recommander cette banque de semences. Btw... Cette societe est inscrite en tant que eleveur de l'SeedFinder...

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I ordered a pack of 10 outlaw amnesia that remained unopened in a cool dark place for a few months until germination. Of the 10 only five every sprouted and only one of the five actually had two cotyldon leaves. The others were runty and weak and eventually succumbed to my first case of spider mites in what was my 8th grow. They performed worse than bag seed.
États-Unis Septembre 2019 2 7 0 3.00
Ordered 10 non-feminized seeds of Dutch Passions Shaman cultivar. I sprouted 5, with the intention to breed an F2 of it with any males in case I liked it. Two weeks into flowering, I had 2 males, and 3 non-induced hermaphrodites!!! Rest of the room consisted of a strain Ive personally developed, as well as some Purpetrator by Archive Seeds, Royal Queens Amnesia Haze, Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse, a miscellaneous Lemon Skunk, and Ayahuasca Purple by Barneys Farm. No herms in any of them, so its clearly an issue with this stock. I understand that hermaphroditism is a characteristic of the species, but this many in such a small set of sprouts suggests to me that they had a natural herm, and either knowingly or unknowingly sold the seed. If it was unknowing, then their quality control is poor. If it was knowing, then their ethics are suspect. Either way, I wont take a chance again.
États-Unis Septembre 2018 0 0 0 0.00
I got 5 durban poison seeds , put 3 of them in a cup of wather and after 24h they all germined one of them started to grow super fast but wehad a drought and the growing was inhibited , one stayed very small for like a month then started to grow but slpwly and yelded just about 15 grams ,the third plant wasnt as better then the second but worse than the first
Italie Mars 2018 7 8   7.50
do not recommend anymore. I have grow experience for 12 years, had seeds from them before, have known better times.
Second time now, seeds do not germinate well.Lost 3 out of 6. Complained, their reply asking for detailed explination of process
with picture to consider payback lost or new seeds. WHO? do THEY think they deal with? You can germinate seeds on a piece of wet toilet paper
if you want, Keep your seeds DutchP a shame!
Pays-Bas Décembre 2017 5 8 6 6.33
Sprouting 3 quality 3,yeild 3,stability 3.Feminized seeds hermie late in flowering 3 out of four times.Unreliable.
États-Unis Mars 2017 2 6 3 3.67
Seeds were visibly of low quality - Orange Hill Special. Only 4 of 10 germinated. Ive been doing this for years and typically get 95-100% germination. The exact opposite of what I expected from this seed company. These are the worst seeds Ive ever purchased.
États-Unis Janvier 2017 1     1.00
I have ordered from these guys three times lately now after a mainly positive experience back in the day when they first emerged. My first bad recent experience was sending the money (cash) unregistered and I received no seeds but thought, well its my own fault (they denied they had received cash)! Second attempt I ordered Auto Flowering as this is new to me and I thought Id give it a go. seeds were 80% viable but from 20 seeds I only ended up with 8 female plants as there were multiple hermaphrodites WTF !!! Yield was 6oz from 8 plants of a smoke that was pretty shit. My most recent experience is by far the worst, 10 female seeds (non auto) ; viability 80%, 2 seemed diseased from germinating so destroyed, 6 plants put onto flowering cycle 2 hermies, 2 female and two which after 6 weeks on a flowering cycle had neither male or female characteristics but in week 7 developed tiny male flowers. From the 2 remaining female plants I yielded 2 oz. Ive been growing for 20 years and know what Im doing I would never buy from these clowns again...............................................
Royaume-Uni Juin 2016 2 3   2.50
everything was fine, shipped from their shop in Maastricht. I prefer it to envelopes shipped from Amsterdam.
Germany Septembre 2015 8 8   8.00
No one will reply to any inquiry at Dutch Passion. Are they a scam? It sure looks like it.
Buyers: Try reputable seed banks instead.
  Août 2015 0 0 0 0.00
Deutschland Avril 2015   10   10.00
DUTCH PASSION Avril 2015 4 6 3 4.33
All round good experience. All seeds germinated. If you like feminized seeds, these are the guys that made them first.
  Août 2014 10 10   10.00
bereits 2mal bestellt und hatte kein Problem,weder mit lieferdauer noch mit der qualitaet. keimrate bei 90% und die Jorges diamond einfach der HAMMER ;-)
lux Octobre 2013 9 9 8 8.67
These guys are, in my opinion, overrated!
Getting 50-60% germ rate isnt good and i germed as i have for years, using same material method and placement of seeds as allways!

The star for customer service are only given because they answered...
But the documentation they wanted on how i germed, in order to replace the massive loss
I suffered where just insane, like they Might aswell have asked for video documentation ;-)

Im finished with these guys anyway...
Denmark Septembre 2013 5 10 1 5.33
Everything to now is fine. But one thing. No bonus seeds from them.
Germany Septembre 2013 9 9 8 8.67
90% of seeds r grow up ,service r avrng,not enogh fast
  Juillet 2013 9 7 8 8.00
Extra nach Maastricht in den Shop gefahren um die beste Qualität und Frische zu bekommen. Autoxtreme OK, ThinkDifferent OK, Frisian Dew Auto OK, Power Plant OK, Euforia OK, Power Plant OK ABER 5 von 5 Frisian Dew Regulär sind nicht gekeimt. Bei der ersten Mail wurden viele Fragen gestellt. Ich musste Bilder schicken (RISIKO) und am Ende glaubte man mir nicht, dass ich DP Samen gekauft hätte. Ich habe sogar Fotos vom Indoor Grow gezeigt. Mein Fehler, ich habe mich mit der Stückzahl vertan da ich sonst immer nur reguläre oder feminisierte Samen gekauft habe und nicht die Stückzahlen der Autoflowering Packung kannte.

Dann noch mal Fotos gemacht von den original DP Packungen und alles erklärt. Bis heute keine Antwort mehr bekommen und als Lügner dargestellt worden. Sehr Schade, nach Jahren der Zufriedenheit so verprellt zu werden. Meine Keimmethode wurde von DP als gut gewertet. Jede Wette, die Frisian Dew Regulär Samen waren nicht die tollsten. Kann doch nicht sein, dass man eine 100% Ausfallquote hat und bei allein anderen Strains so fast 100% Keimquote hat.

Damit hat mich DP als Kunden verprellt. Geld sehen die von mir nicht mehr. Deren Genetik kauf ich mir nur noch als Steckling oder von den Nachmachern ihrer Strains. Wirklich schade nach so vielen Jahren als treuer Kunde und nach der ganzen Reklame die ich immer für DP im Freundes- und Forenkreis gemacht habe.
  Juillet 2013 0   1 0.50
seeds r fine but a bit long to wait
  Juin 2013 8 7 7 7.33
ich habe meine seeds vor circa 1,5 monaten dort bestellt und das geld ist vor einem monat angekommen doch die seeds nicht. wir schreiben jede woche wann die seeds kommen und dutch passion meint, sie müssten in den nächsten tagen kommen... das geht schon 3 wochen so.
deutschland Février 2012 6 1 2 3.00
  deutschland Octobre 2011 9 9   9.00
  germany Avril 2011 8 10   9.00

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