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Situé au Royaume-Uni (GB).

Discount Cannabis Seeds is focused on delivering an amazing range of high quality Cannabis Seeds at the very best value prices.

Our commitment to everyday lower pricing is made possible because our customers don’t want a complicated online experience when making their cannabis seed choices, just excellent value across an outstanding range of Cannabis Seeds.

And remember, you get quality branded FREE Seeds with every order placed!


Classement des utilisateurs (27 revisions)

  • La qualite du produit: 6.26 6.26
  • Vitesse de livraison: 7.27 7.27
  • Service a la clientele: 6.08 6.08
  • Impression Generale: 6.54 6.54
    (Sur une echelle allant de 0 a 10 points)

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Discount Cannabis Seeds de semences est repertorie comme «gris» au SeedFinder. Cela signifie que nous n'avons pas beaucoup d'informations a propos de cette banque de graines - vous devriez avoir une vue de l'utilisateur, avis ou essayer par soi a vos propres risques.

Evaluations des utilisateurs

Utilisateur Commentaires de l'utilisateur Commande par Date Q F S Impression Generale
Bought the 100 seed bulk packs, great price and great results
Royaume-Uni Août 2019 10 9 10 9.67
Several orders with no issues.
Canada Mars 2019 10 10 10 10.00
This is by far the best customer service I have ever experienced!! The freebies that come with each order are well beyond impressive, and after my third order it?s almost as if they know me. The selection is wonderful and I have never, never had a problem with an order!! Larger orders are broken into smaller shipping packs to avoid the yet unknown problems! And finally the germination rate is outstanding! I have no interest in looking further, and I have used 12 sources previously!! This is my only: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
États-Unis Octobre 2018 9 9 10 9.33
Not grown yet so cannot comment, delivery ok, packed very well. Heres hoping they grow.
Royaume-Uni Août 2018 0 6 5 3.67
dont buy any th?ng from th?s asshole send us off seeds wh?ch does not germ?nate when ? compla?n he repl?ed *As the germination of Cannabis Seeds is illegal in the UK and most other countries, we are unable to provide any guarantee the cannabis seeds will germinate.

We deal with the most reputable Seed Banks from around the world, many of which have their own quality control procedures which include testing the germination rates.

Like all plant seeds, Cannabis seeds are living material and therefore Seed Banks or Discount Cannabis Seeds cannot offer guarantees on germination rates, or promise that every Cannabis seed in every packet will germinate.

We would like to assure customers that all our Cannabis seeds are purchased from reputable Cannabis breeders and are sold in the breeder?s original packaging.
Royaume-Uni Juillet 2018 0 0 0 0.00
I ordered a 80 £ seed pack. Then i contact to them to reconfirm the order, they said that was out of stock and to choose other item., i dont want other but only that. They said the payment was cancelled, but one week money on my account! Postal police will make the rest.
Espagne Mai 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Bought the Bulk Seeds, awesome value!
Royaume-Uni Mars 2018 10 9 10 9.67
Have done multiple orders, everyone arrived safe and sound, no worries with DCS
Canada Décembre 2017 10 10 10 10.00
oredered 2 of there bulk packs on separate occasions, both got thru yay, of the 100 seeds about 20 popped, f#@k#d my whole season. my fault bought cheap seeds.
had some free ones with them that all popped and grew so failure wasnt the result of iradiation
Nouvelle-Zélande Décembre 2017 0 4 1 1.67
Ordered 300 seeds bulk packs. White widow, northern lights and big budd white widow 10 packs. Out of 300 bulk pack seeds approx 80% failure rate. Useless. Past seeds had ordered before reverted to them, about two in every pack of feminised seeds turn out to be male, not germ, straight up male. I have been growing for years never once had problems like any of this, soon as I used DCS major major problems. Avoid like the plague!
Royaume-Uni Décembre 2017 0 4 2 2.00
Discount Cannabis Seeds they sell death seeds , after i ask customer service to make me a return , they fucking told me in UK is illegal to germinate the seeds , so fuck off i have been scammed.

Royaume-Uni Novembre 2017 0 2 0 0.67
Ordered 10 Buddha Auto mix seeds 10% off due to flash sale. They also sent 2 free Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights in the package. Great value for a little over £30. Delivery was quick, communication good and all seeds in original packaging. First time Ive bought from them and would use the company again. Highly recommended.
Royaume-Uni Octobre 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Johnny and his crew are great! Got my beanz very fast and in good shape ? The package was discreet and was delivered without any problems, even though you could hear the beanz rattling around ? Every bean sprouted and grew just fine ??? Theyre budding now so more info to come. Id recommend these guys to my granny and her posse ?
États-Unis Août 2017 5 5 5 5.00
50% of bulk feminised seeds did not germinate. One third of those that did were male.
Royaume-Uni Août 2017 1 9 5 5.00
Fast delivery and great freebies. Great selection. My only complaint is that when they charge your credit card the word "SEEDS" is part of what shows on your statement.
États-Unis Août 2017   10   10.00
So like most folks ordering seeds from around the world I am waiting to see if my product gets here. I will change me review if I get new information, but Ive emailed Discount Cannabis Seeds and doesnt seem they respond to emails. I know they probably busy but every company should have someone dedicated to answering customer emials in my humble opinion.
Canada Juillet 2017     1 1.00
Very happy.
Royaume-Uni Mai 2017 10 8 10 9.33
Arrived in just about 2 weeks in plain envelope. BUT!! you have to sign for the package, dont know if other the users who left reviews experienced this.
États-Unis Avril 2017   10   10.00
well packaged, fast Delivery, Nothing but good stuff so far.
États-Unis Mars 2017 1 0 1 0.67
All seeds received as I ordered in original packing

Good for me!
États-Unis Janvier 2017 10 8 8 8.67
I had to send three emails before I even got a response regarding seeds that did not terminate. I paid $10 or more for chemdog seeds and I got a couple bonus seeds because I spent well over $100. To Buona seeds never sprouted they were THC bomb and to chemdawg sprouted but died instantly. We are licensed and legal with over 40 years experience we know how to grow. I explain this in an e-mail and ask for replacement seeds all I got was some three paragraphs of long b******* and basically they wont replace them. Whats the sense in getting any bonus seeds if your original order getting completely sprout in the first place? To me its a gimmick that should guarantee their stuff. We will not buy from them anymore and were looking for Fruity Pebble strain out of their 1919 strains they dont have Fruity Pebble
États-Unis Janvier 2017 8 8 1 5.67
They arrived - good deal and service.
États-Unis Janvier 2017 10 10 10 10.00
First purchase on DCS.
ALL seeds mailed in the original breeder package.
Excellent customer service.
Emailed Johnny many times, he answered each times.
Good prices, fast shipping! Free seeds with all purchase.

You can buy on DCS with confidence!!
Canada Janvier 2017 10 8 10 9.33
First time ordering from DCS after reading good reviews on Seedfinder and I was blown away by the experience. All seeds mailed in the sealed original manufacturers boxes. Got my order in less than a week! Unheard of! All prices were significantly lower as well. No rating for customer service as I had zero problems with order and thus no reason to contact them. They may not give out as many free seeds but I can afford to buy more so its all good. My new go to seed broker!
États-Unis Décembre 2016 10 10   10.00
 Ordered 5 ea of Jorges Diamond and Dream Mach. Received notification of shipment 3 business days later and received the beans, including a couple of free hybrid seeds, 8 days later by certified mail to my US address. Itll be a couple of months before I pop a couple of them, but the seeds are in the breeders factory sealed packaging and they *appear* to be robust. At this point Im *very* pleased with the order/delivery process.

These are relatively expensive seeds from the breeder, so the price ($78 delivered) seems to be pretty good compared to other seed retailers.
États-Unis Décembre 2016   10 7 8.50
 Johnny was very helpful and professional, highly recommended seedbank. Will definitely order again! Canada Novembre 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Great prices Royaume-Uni Mars 2016 10 10 10 10.00

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