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The XML Grow-Sheduler - Growing/Fertilization-Plan and Diary... the second of our "small" grow-tools. To make it short - this tool enables you to keeping a grow log book with a fertilizer-schemata. This includes a tabular and graphical output of all your notices, values, fertilizers for the whole grow and every single day! Our GrowPlan will bring you the survey about the actual or last composition of your nutrient solution and can remember you for special dates or things you have done or like to to. Also you will be able to store these data and/or share it with your friends!»»»

And here we go:

To crate a new Grow-Plan simply insert your data into the following form. If you like to view or edit an existing XML-GrowPlan, please use our XML Upload-Form.
NEW and IMPORTANT: If you like to store your GrowPlan onto our server (for safety's sake) you will need a user-account and have to be logged in before! Otherwise you are only able to save it (hopefully encrypted) as a XML-File onto your own storage!

Number of days onto your plan:
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Date of the first Growing-Day into the plan:

men or machine?


How does it work?

The Input: Our Generator will create a XML who includes all your Information like growing- and flowering-times, medium, water-values and so one. You are also able to store notices, EC and pH-values and/or your exact nutrient-amounts for every single day into your plan. Behind our input-form there is an expandable database with several hundred of fertilzers, so your input will be more than simple!

The Output: will be a clearly arranged overview as like as a very daetaild graphical output off all your used fertilizers (including amounts) and the EC for every day.

Here an example: I created a small Example-Plan out of the original HESE-Growing schedule for CoCo. This one includes some german notices onto the top and the single days, im sorry for not translating it up to now, its the only i can not translate automatically ;) But also the fertilizers are inserted right now into right amounts and will be generated into a graphic table, too. If you like - download this plan and use it as a template, after you upload it again you can change every single input.

More information about our GrowPlan:

To edit an existing XML-Growplan as an guest, you can use our Online Upload-and-Edit Form (recommended) or you can edit it offline with your text-editor. If you do it offline, please note our XML-Standards and Rules which must be strictly adhered to avoid problems onto the output later! Here you get a list with all the legal inserts into a GrowPlan-XML-File.
If you own a user-account onto our page you are able to store your plans online. In this case you find all your saved plans into your User-Area where you can view or edit it without using the XML-Files!

What will be next?

The future will bring a lots of templates for well known and popular Nutrients. Maybe we also will get a tool to view, edit and encrypt the XML-Files offline. But one after the next, i only have two hands ;-)

ToDo-List:I have to create some better print and PDF-Outputs if someone like to print out and edit with a pen ;-) But maybe thats not very smart to have this at home...
Also there will come an option to set the status of an online-saved GrowPlan to "open" or "private". At the moment only the user can have a look to his Grow-Plans, but maybe its good if there is a option to share a proven GrowPlan with the community. If i do so i will make this also searchable, so maybe you can look for best feeding-solutions for your special medium and kind of plants later!

Version: 0.2 - 14.12.2008 12:26:52