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Ici vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations sur l'éleveur de cannabis Elev8 Seeds. Nous avons collecté des informations sur 84 Variétés de Cannabis de race par Elev8 Seeds (3 de ces variétés ont été évaluées par les utilisateurs de SeedFinder, avec une note moyenne de 7.58 sur 10) Cliquez sur les noms pour trouver plus d'informations, photos, critiques, comparaisons et sources pour une variété - et / ou consultez les Informations sur les Éleveurs ici sur la page pour en savoir plus sur Elev8 Seeds. Il est également possible de visualiser toutes les variétés de Elev8 Seeds avec tous leurs parents ou hybrides avec nos cartes dynamiques - jetez-y un coup d'oeil!

More info about this breeder:

Early in my growing experience, it did not take long to realize the quality of the genetics is going to decide the quality of the outcome. After spending thousands of dollars on seeds, it was obvious that by far the vast majority of the seeds out there are mediocre at best. After investing years of building relationships with some very talented breeders and growers, we have obtained some of the best genetics in existence. Our mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.

Our decision to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite “keeper”. By working with large medical marijuana growers, we have had the opportunity to compare countless strains side by side in the same environment to find that top 1% that people search so hard for.

Our breeding strategy is three-fold:

To preserve and provide the best representation of classic strains in seed form. Over the years, it is becoming more difficult to find strains such as the original Sour Diesel, Cinderella 99 or UK Cheese that are identical to the original clone-only version. Too many seed companies don’t backcross the original enough to get regular seeds identical to the original and instead provide a watered-down version. The original cuttings are becoming increasingly scarce as years go by and eventually, these treasures could be lost. While some companies do provide some feminized seeds from self pollinated clone only strains, those strains move one more step towards disappearing forever if that company ceases to operate. By backcrossing five generations, a breeder can create regular seeds that are 97% original genetics. If the original male/strain is carefully selected to start the backcrossing and the best phenotypes are chosen from each generation, nothing is lost. If anything, yield, smell/taste and potency can be improved with careful breeding selection.

To preserve and provide the best representation of more current exceptional clone-only strains in seed form. Occasionally, anonymous amateur breeders create strains like Cinex, Gorilla Glue or Bruce Banner that are on par with some of the best strains ever created. At one time, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream fit in this category and the world would have never discovered these strains if growers and breeders hadn’t made these genetics available to other growers. These strains can sometimes be recreated if the original genetics are known or backcrossed so that these gems can be made available to the rest of the growing community.

To create new strains from elite genetics. Breeding is much more than crossing two strains and calling it a new strain. Only breeding stock that would qualify as a super rockstar by anyone that has grown her is considered. Before starting a breeding project, we determine what our goals are. For example, we may have a very tasty and potent indica that we want to add some sativa to design the perfect effect. After careful consideration and research, we may decide on a strain that we believe would be the perfect potential match to achieve the breeding goals. If we don’t already have the strain we want to work with, we search through our large network of breeders and growers. If we find a version that is exceptional, we begin the breeding and selection process. If we obtain the strain but we don’t feel that the genetics would be considered world-class, we scrap that particular project until one is found. If we believe a cross has exceptional effect, potency, taste, smell and bag appeal, then we release the strain.

We realize that patients invest considerable resources to create the best possible medicine. We take pride in our role of providing the best possible genetics possible.