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Ici vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations sur l'éleveur de cannabis East Coast Seeds. Nous avons collecté des informations sur 9 Variétés de Cannabis de race par East Coast Seeds. Cliquez sur les noms pour trouver plus d'informations, photos, critiques, comparaisons et sources pour une variété - et / ou consultez les Informations sur les Éleveurs ici sur la page pour en savoir plus sur East Coast Seeds. Il est également possible de visualiser toutes les variétés de East Coast Seeds avec tous leurs parents ou hybrides avec nos cartes dynamiques - jetez-y un coup d'oeil!

9 Variétés de Cannabis


More info about this breeder:

We are a collective of passionate growers and breeders working in the Canadian Maritimes, producing organic medical cannabis seeds to provide symptom relief for a wide range of diseases and illnesses.

Quality genetics are gathered from around the world and cultivated in Atlantic Canada to produce strains retaining original lineage as well as east coast originals.

Our lead breeder is a Canadian Forces Veteran with symptoms of PTSD and Chronic pain as his main focus on strain research and development. The main symptoms our genetics are tailored towards treating are Depression (Sativa dominant with medium to high THC), Anxiety (Indica dominant medium - high THC) as well as Chronic pain eg. Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and tension headaches (CBD rich to low THC).
We offer both feminized and regular seeds.