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6 Variétés de Cannabis

Nom de la Strain Indica ou Sativa? Intérieur ou extérieur? Temps de floraison (jours) Féminisées? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker Calificación del usuario
GTK indica Indoor, Outdoor 56
Gummer mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Morphine Blue mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor 53
Pumuka Grey indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor 60
The Undertaker mostly indica Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 58
X-Kush indica Indoor, Outdoor ?

More info about this breeder:

- For the development of these seeds have known genetic chosen both the U.S. and Canada, either as seeds or clones, because (unfortunately) some of the parents only exist as a clone. - Partners of Blue Stone Sanctuary we use our hybrid medicinally, hence our catalog is fully indicated. Although in the future add some more sativa hybrid for its great medicinal potential.