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Nom: Somanta
Eleveur: Biohazard Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~67 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Biohazard Seeds - Somanta

Somanta was born after receiving numerous petitions from our customers who tested our prototypes before they were commertialised. They would like to remenis the characteristical aromas and Tropical taste that leaves your mouth watering. Somanta was developed from Somango from Soma Seeds and the well known Critical +. With this espectacular plant we get the fruitiest, sweetest buds from this catalogue. Somanta is an ideal plat to take clones from, it grows long sturdy lateral branches, that when in full flower, they hold the extreme weight of the large buds perfectly. When flowering, and especially when grown outdoors, the leaves turn purple and the buds finish being covered by gigantic resin glands. It is an ideal plant to cultivate in SOG. It has an Euphoric effect, helps to be creative and is perfect when you are in good company.

Genética: Somango x Critical +.
Cultivo: Interior / Exterior.
Genotipo: Híbrido Indica / Sativa.
Altura: 100-140 cm.
Tiempo crecimiento vegetativo: 2-3 semanas.
Tiempo de floración: 63 a 70 días en interior,
a mediados-finales de octubre en exterior.
Resistencia al moho: Moderada.
Producción: 450-500 gr./planta.
Olor: Licor de frutas.
Sabor: Frutas tropicales (mango).
Efecto: Eufórico, creativo y relajante.
Nivel THC: 15% - 18%.
Nivel CBD: 0,3%.

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