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Nom: Monster Mass
Eleveur: Critical Mass Collective
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~48 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Critical Mass Collective - Monster Mass

Monster Mass is the perfect strain for both outdoor and indoor cultivation due to its explosively fast flowering and hardiness. Outdoor is recommended as it grows much taller and with more branching. CriticalLee recommends the practice of FIMing the plant at an early stage when growing indoor, when it's showing 3-5 nodes..this will stimulate lower growth whilst producing up to 4 colas rather than one main one..boosting production. Introduce numerous plants to an SOG setup applying gentle LST for maximum results. Using this method on this strain will ensure that it's branches will probably snap under the weight of its dense frosty bud so supports will be necessary. Outdoors LST is not necessary as natural climatic conditions will bend and Super Crop the plants for you. It is not overly affected by fungi or mold due to its ferociously fast flowering period which, indoor is around 45-50 days. If cultivating indoor, good ventilation and sensible humidity levels should be maintained throughout the grow. Outdoor it should be ready mid-end September.Monster Mass is the strain that started the groups insatiable thirst to grow the best mass hybrid the world has ever seen.

Outdoor yield: Approx 900+ g/per plant
Indoor yield: Approx 700-800 g/m2
Outdoor flowering period: Mid/end of September.
Indoor flowering period: Approx 45 - 50 days
THC: 18-20

This strain is well known for its spectacular aroma of fruit and pungent skunk, overwhelming and powerful. The phenotype that was worked with from the Critical+ was exceptionally fruity and displayed a notable Blackberry sweetness.
Intensely fruity and sweet sugary flavor with touches of citrus. Big flavours of kush, Blackberries and Cola Cubes. It is sweet and fruity on the inhale and full on pungent Skunk and hash on the exhale, finally leaving the mouth ringing with sweet exotic fruit.
Sedative- effects can last 2.5- 3.5 hours with full on body and mind melt. Muscle relaxant, couch lock qualities and a real appetite stimulant. Smoke in moderation because one extremely rare phenotype tested THC percentages at just over 22% making for a truly overwhelming experience.
Bag Appeal:
Aesthetically very very pretty. Large, mid density buds, pale green with a golden dusty shimmer and flame red hairs. Sticky even when perfectly cured with a deeply pungent and extremely fruity smell when cracked open.

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