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Nom: Green Power XL
Eleveur: Greenbud Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~55 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Greenbud Seeds - Green Power XL

One of the star Sativa dominant strains in our catalogue created by crossing powerful African landraces, Green Power XL shows a faster growth when compared to other Sativa seeds and is quite resistant to plagues and mould. She’s easy to grow and gives an excellent yield indoors, standing out for her production of large thick buds simply packed with THC.

When grown outdoors, she has a late flowering though then quickly ripens. Indoors, the flowering cycle starts a week after the photoperiod is reduced to 12 hours and she will be ready to harvest in eight weeks.

Green Power XL has a hard-hitting psychoactive stimulating effect and stands out for her pungent scent once harvested and dried, as well as for the intensity, freshness and originality of her flavour, with hints of earth and licorice.

Hybrid : Sativa dominant
Harvest: 50-60 days
Yield: 550/m2 indoor - 800 g outdoor
Effect: stimulating, cerebral
Flavour: sweet, earthy, licorice
THC: 22 %

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