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Situé au Canada.

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  • La qualite du produit: 5.08 5.08
  • Vitesse de livraison: 6.00 6.00
  • Service a la clientele: 3.53 3.53
  • Impression Generale: 4.87 4.87
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 Did not receive my seeds and contacted them multiple times on live chat. They said they would refund my order but never did!!! Canada Février 2018     0 0.00
 first off how ya pay and date of order shouldnt be part of a survey, why not just pipe it to law enforcement ?

mjseedscanada has a good product however they have really really bad customer service
whihc is everything the plant isnt. do yourself and friends/family a favor and buy from somewhere else, whether for novelty purposes, bean archiven etc
tellen ya the truth, they are fucken assholes
États-Unis Août 2017 7 7 0 4.67
 Took a while but got my order finally. I would order from MJ seeds Canada again. Canada Avril 2017   1 7 4.00
 No delivery. Canada Avril 2017   0 1 0.50
 Ordered march 28th 2017. Its now April 14th and havent received anything yet.They said 3 to 7 days in the ad. now theyre saying two weeks or so. First and last for me. Canada Avril 2017        
 Quick & stealth delivery. Quality was as good as European seed companies. The Acapulco Gold Feminized Autoflowering worked very well. All germinated & individual plant quality was better than my European purchases. I got a good batch. My order arrived in less than a week to Central US. I like more variety but I was pleased with their company & effort. Peace États-Unis Août 2016 8 10   9.00
 Claimed to of mailed them twice. Never received anything. They emailed me after one month to say seeds had been returned by mail and they would send them again. When i called a very rude man said they had sent them and not their problem if i didnt get them. No refund. Nothing. Canada Juin 2016 6 0 0 2.00
 I ordered a few of their stains. They say they have a guaranteed 80% germination rate. I had a 60% or their White Widow a 50% on their Northern Widow and 100% on their Jock horror auto. After calling and talking to a couple of people finally a so called supervisor got on the phone, I told him my germination rates and he told me most people would be happy with what I got. After explaining their guarantee to him he finally offered me 20%. So i ordered 40 more White Widow and only 25 of those germinated. Thats is only a 62.5% germination rate. They employees there are very arrogant and act like they are the best seed breeder/bank. They are actually division of Crop King Seeds. États-Unis Mai 2016 1 8 0 3.00
 Ordered White Queen standard feminized seeds. Got 14 total. Out of these one seed was just a shell. Three germinated with only a small tape root and died. Planted the rest 5 died as seedlings and five more growing with two growing well. The other three are odd looking, deformed. Slow growers. Organic soil. Good PH temps between 72 & 88 Degrees added Mag and Cal not sure if any will make good plants very frustrated with quality of seeds but were the lest expensive on web which most likely means old out dated and they looked older. I have grown several times for personal use only. I am seriously frustrated as my hopes and dreams of a good crop and endless problems have ensued. I have had much better luck with bag seeds. I am careful to do a good job growing but this last batch of seeds killed me and makes me wonder if I should go elsewhere for product. Sad to say you put so much time and money effort while you can only hope your supplier gives you fresh quality seeds. États-Unis Avril 2016 2 4 2 2.67
 I ordered two different strains of autoflowering seeds. I germinated like I always do; in between paper towels soaked in distilled water at room temp, inside a tupperware container and placed into the dark. One strain exhibited great germination, with about 80-90% opening in about 48-72 hrs. The other strain showed less than 50% germination. So today I called and instead of addressing my complaint I got a lecture. They tell me that my method is not the most efficient and that the best way is soaking the seeds in a glass of water. I told them there are numerous ways to germinate seeds, and that many in the field prefer the paper towel method. They then proceeded to give me a pile of more shit.

Dont use this company. There are many other companies, with most treating their customers properly.
États-Unis Mars 2016     0 0.00
 It only took 8 days for my seeds to arrive. I havent sprouted them yet, but they are very small and look immature.
  Mars 2016        
 first timer,disabled vet up most nights with phantom feet and leg pains, ordered auto berry fem seeds from MJ seeds,they claimed for 3 weeks canadian mail is slow, now claim never recieved my letter. MJ seed is also crop king, thier company name is CKS Trading co. I would highly recommend avoiding them. MJ seeds canada Décembre 2015        
 Ordered 10 got 12. Ten came up. All doing well after 30 days. MJ Seeds Canada Octobre 2015 10 10 9 9.67
 seeds germ alright BUT no vigor the seed would put out a root but would either come up out of seed cube and die or would never make it out of the cube   Août 2015 2 10 10 7.33
 I got my seeds in 7 days all germinated ordered again and all was just the same Computer Août 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Ordered twice from MJS seed company. The first order came in the mail but only two seed germinated out of 10 ordered. When I told MJS seed about it, they told me that I did not know how to germinate the seed. I have over 40 years growing experience.
The next batch of seed I ordered and prepaid for, did not arrive. MJS seed refused to give me a refund, substitute or a discount on more seed. Their customer service sucks. I spent $ 240 with them and only had 2 seed to germinate. They wont be bothered with my business any more.
  Juillet 2015        
 Fast delivery. Some cute gifts like grinder and pins. Seemingly professional. Ten bonus seeds because of order size. Short one seed in order....not a big deal buuut...... Followed germination method they insist on...soak..paper towel etc....though after soak I dont agree with towel nonsense. However did...documented it.... So....29 seeds.....13 seeds sprouted quickly....planted those. Then a further 7 showed white...planted those.... Last 9 seeds did not show at all...planted those. Of first 13 ..11 emerged as plants. Initial growth varied...however 8 caught up to each other as to size etc. 3 remained stunted and deformed and never progressed. Of the other 16... no seedlings....nothing. Took cuttings to force flower and sex...Out of the 8 plants 5 were male... So bout $150 later have 3 female plants. They guarantee 80% germination. Contacted them....werent interested in my photo documentation.... just rapid blah blah....shoved five feminized autoflower seeds on me to reciprocate loss...said was worth $70 but they list for $55. Have no interest in fem autoflower garbage but just said f it...get seeds and be done with them. Soaked and sprouted new seeds. 4 sprouted....planted....one emerged....and five days later is still tiny little seedling. Am not a bozo....have been growing for 40 years....wife a trained horticulturist....we garden and farm. Only shopped for seed because of loss of original seed stock and mothers. Ugh...waste of time ..money and maybe season if dont find reputable company. Oh yes MJ rep said I should have gone with other seeds...uh then why do you sell them?? not sure Mai 2015 0 10 0 3.33
 I buy and send money by mail. Its been 3 week and they not received my money yet. I use the live chat support on the web site. When i ask if they have receive my money, they answer me no and ask why i aint not using interact e-mail to pay. I answered that i prefered send cash money because i was worrie to use my bank account to buy seeds. then they tell me that I was probably i teenager!!! WTF im 31... So they are not friendly and professional att all. Canada Avril 2015     1 1.00
 3 orders, quick shipment, also purchased extra insurance, spoke to customer service once, issue resolved quickly   Octobre 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 Stay away from MJ Seeds Canada, Poor customer service, paid for seeds but never received them. When I inquired about this I was told the USA is a shit country. Which probably explains why the seeds never made it to me. I doubt they were ever shipped. Do not order from these creeps   Octobre 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Received Acapulco gold auto feminized seeds in 7 days. All healthy looking. Very stealthy packaging. Havent tried germinating yet.

  Septembre 2014 10 10 10 10.00
 they r just thives an they tell lies an more lies best stay away from them   Juin 2014 0 0 0 0.00

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